April 2017 Volunteer of the Month – Congrats Rebecca E!

April 2017 Volunteer of the Month – Congrats Rebecca E!

Do you want to tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a senior at Saint Francis. I’m an Environmental Science major. I’m getting married in September and moving to Indianapolis to go to IUPUI for a Master’s program.

When did you start volunteering with us?

I started my sophomore year. I did a volunteering/community service class and then I came back like full time with my work study.

Why do you like volunteering here?

Because the people are awesome and it’s a good cause.

Can you explain what you typically do when you volunteer here? What your favorite parts are.

I work in Community Cupboard and I run the front desk when Hicham’s busy and then I do his paperwork and I’m a quiet person so that’s kind of my little niche in there.

Do you have particular interests in food banks specifically because of how they relate to Environmental Science?

I’m just a big not-for-profit person. So I hope to go into that sometime. It’s kind of hard to get into that in my concentration, but I’m actively searching.

What’s your Master’s program in?

Hopefully (if I get in) I’ll be studying Public Health. Environmental health and policy and that kind of stuff.

What’s your favorite part about Community Harvest? The people?

Yeah. It’s actually a community, everybody’s there for each other. Because I’ve been a lot of places volunteering and you kind of go off and do your own thing, it’s not like interactive. This is just kind of like I fun environment, I guess. It’s what you want a volunteer environment to be like.

By the people, do you  mean both employees and clients?


I know Hicham and Greg make it really fun down there.

They’ve just always got your back so that’s what you want in a place. Because I’ve been to a lot of places where they’re just getting their quota for the week or whatever they need.