Start a #GiveHealthy Food Drive

Hunger is a health issue – no doubt about it.

People struggling with hunger also struggle with high rates of diet related health issues – things like diabetes, obesity and more – due to a lack of access to healthy food.  That’s why we are working hard to source healthy food so that people struggling with hunger in our communities get the kind of food they really need. You can help us by making your food drive a #GiveHealthy Food Drive so you can raise the kind of food that will have the most impact.

Now, you can raise healthy food, like fresh fruits and veggies… All online and delivered to us when and where we need it!

Organizing a #GiveHealthy Food Drive is Easy (and Free!)

Any organization (company, school, team, civic group, faith-based institution) can sponsor their own #GiveHealthy drive to support us.

Why do a #GiveHealthy Food Drive?

  • You’ll raise the kind of food people struggling with hunger really need!
  • You’ll educate your community that Hunger is a Health Issue
  • You’ll be a great example for other groups to join the #GiveHealthy movement
  • You’ll raise more food!
  • You’ll have an easier time and more fun organizing your drive!
  • You will help us more

Donations of HEALTHY FOOD are made online and, once the drive is over, it all gets delivered to our facilities — ready for immediate distribution.

Start a #GiveHealthy Drive

Go to and register, or click here:


Once registered, you will be able to set up a drive to support us.

The #GiveHealthy team and online tools make the process simple.