July 2017 Volunteer of the Month – Congrats Dave J!

July 2017 Volunteer of the Month – Congrats Dave J!

Congratulations, Dave, you’re our July 2017 Volunteer of the Month!

Why don’t you give me a background of how long you have been here, why you like to volunteer here, what you do?

The reason I came here is basically just to find something to keep myself occupied. So I was told about Community Harvest and I went one time and I have been kind of doing it ever since! I am kind of picky, I really am. I like all bread in one area, the buns (hot dog buns) in one area, hamburger buns below it. None of the other stuff. And I’ve done that even where I’ve worked. Organization, that’s what I like – organization!

So how long have you been here?

Oh, I don’t know if it’s been 2, 3 years now, something like that. At least 2 years that I know of. Hicham can tell you, or Greg. They’ve known me for a while. I’ve been retired since 2012, so I’ve been working there since then, actually. Because once I started here I haven’t stopped. Just Tuesdays!

Do you want to give some background about yourself?

I’m originally from Monroeville. I graduated from Monroeville in ’66. I have got 5 other brothers and I had one sister, but she’s deceased. I see my brothers every once in a while, not all the time, but they have their own families too. I do come from a big family, you might say. Mom and dad are all gone, grandpas and grandmas are all gone.

Do you have any kids yourself?

I have a step-daughter and she volunteers over at that church by Ardmore, over past Elmhurst High School. She does daycare there.

What’s your favorite part about coming in here?

Just the people, talking to them and stuff like that. Making the people who come in to get food happy. If I’ve got something that they want I see if they want it and they can have it. Just trying to satisfy them, basically.

Anything else you want to add?

I was born with one arm, worked 45 years with one hand. I worked on the dock, too. Remember the paper boxes for fax machines and copiers? I would lift them up with my one left hand, put it on a two-wheel cart and deliver to the machines. You are talking 40/45 pounds a piece. That’s a little weight!

And you did that for how many years?

Since I started in ’66. Whenever they had machines over there by New Haven Ave, Meyer Rd. Of course I’ve had different jobs. I had that, I worked in the mail room, I worked in the company store for drivers and employees. So I sold clothes to drivers. I ordered them uniforms. I worked on the dock, unloading trucks and trailers with the hand lifts because that was supplies for us, so I’d help them do that.

I love sports. I used to play softball for Fellowship Missionary Church. I pitched for them. At Monroeville High School I played basketball and I played baseball for them. I bowl in 2 leagues. I play tennis now and then with 1 hand.

Do you bat when you play baseball?

Left-handed. And I can hit it, too!

I will be 70 years old in July! I will be looking for the sign out there with my picture on it!